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It is composed of two syllables: "Ku" and "Jue".

Spelling ku
Closest English pronunciation /ku:/
Hint "kit" + "boo".
Chinese Pinyin kū kú kǔ kù
Common characters in names 库 酷

Spelling jue
Closest English pronunciation /dʒüe/
Hint "just" + "ü" + "bed". The letter u after j, q, x is pronounced as /ü/, which is the same as the ü in German, and u in French. It can be pronounced as English letter "E" with tightly rounded lips. Pronouncing it as /dʒʊe/ ("just" + "put" + "bed") is not exact but close.
Chinese Pinyin juē jué juě juè
Common characters in names 绝 决 爵