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<div style="background: #ffe2e2; padding-top: 0.1em; padding-bottom: 0.1em; text-align: center; font-size: large; width: 100%">'''Quick start'''</div>
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Chinese names can be difficult to say for English non-Chinese speakers (for example, try to say "Zixuan" or my name "Boxiao"). This website shows you the easiest way to say the names of your Chinese friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, students, subordinates, professors, managers, clients, business partners, competitors, and officials. Hopefully, this will reduce the communication barrier and make your neighborhood and workplace a little bit more diverse and inclusive than yesterday.
Simply enter the '''first or last name (not together)''' you want to search in the search box, and press Enter. Try "[[Zixuan]]", "[[Boxiao]]", "[[Beijing]]", and "[[Shanghai]]" to see how it works. The goal is to help you say Chinese syllables in their closest [[English phonetic symbols|English pronunciations]] without learning Chinese. Find more about this website [[ChineseNamesInEnglish:About|'''here''']].