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It is composed of two syllables: "Zi" and "Xuan".

Spelling zi
Closest English pronunciation /dz-/
Hint The /dz/ sound in "kids" but is voiced (vocal cord vibrates). Not /zi:/ as in English letter "Z".
Chinese Pinyin zī zí zǐ zì
Common characters in names 子 自 紫 兹 梓 姿 滋 孜

Spelling xuan
Closest English pronunciation /ʃüen/
Hint "she" + "ü" + "yen" (an is weakened into /en/ after ü). The letter u after j, q, x is pronounced as /ü/, which is the same as the ü in German, and u in French. It can be pronounced as English letter "E" with tightly rounded lips. Not to confuse it with shuan /ʃʊʌn/.
Chinese Pinyin xuān xuán xuǎn xuàn
Common characters in names 轩 玄 旋 炫 萱 璇 瑄 绚