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* Mandarin Chinese only has [[:Category:Single_Syllable|408 syllables]] (consider how many syllables there are in English). In this sense, Chinese is easier than English.
* To say a two-syllable name, you need to break down the syllables. Most Chinese words also have two syllables (two characters). Breaking down syllables is easier than you think. General rules can be found '''[[Syllable rules|here]]'''.
* These two-syllable examples help you get the feeling: [[Beijing]], [[Shanghai]], [[Hangzhou]], [[Shenzhen]], [[Baidu]], [[Huawei]], [[Ali]], [[Baba]], [[Xiaomi]], [[Ouyang]], [[Sima]], [[Zhuge]], [[Huangfu]], [[Erkang]], [[Zixuan]], [[Jianan]], [[Jian'an]], [[Ruting]].

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