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* In China, people state their last names (family names) first, and first names (given names) last. I call myself [[Li]] [[Boxiao]] in China ([[Li]] is my family name), but in western countries, I call myself [[Boxiao]] [[Li]], following the western tradition.
* In news articles, famous Chinese figures are often referred in Chinese tradition, e.g., [[Xi]] [[Jinping]] ([[Xi]] is family name) and [[Yao]] [[Ming]] ([[Yao]] is family name).
* It is common for two unrelated Chinese to share the same family name, but sharing the same given name is much less common.
* Not all Chinese nationals have their names pronounced in Pinyin. Read here for [[Fun facts|exceptions]].
* Very occasionally, a non-traditional Chinese given name might have more than two syllables.
* It is common for two unrelated Chinese to share the same family name. Two people having the same given name is also possible but much less common.
* Most Chinese provinces, cities, and streets are named in Pinyin, so they can be pronounced exactly as shown in this website.
* Each Chinese syllable can be said in four major tones: high-flat, rising, dip-rise, and falling tones. Changing tones will change its meaning. The same syllable with the same tone can also correspond to different Chinese characters.

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